Nuestros Vinos

Tierra Madre

Tierra Madre

Winery: González Bastías
Name: Semillon – Torontel ( White Wine)
Year: 2019
D.O: Valle del Maule
Varieties: Semillon 50% – Torontel 50%
Harvest: Manual in trays, March 2019

Vines: Granitic soils, on the river Banks of the Maule River, no irrigation, rootstock, head/goblet trellis system.
Winemaking: Manual crushing with a “Zaranda de Coligüe” (Bed of bamboo sticks) , both grapes are crushed and the juice is recovered to ferment with its native yeast.
Aging: 3 months in refurbished Chilean Raulí Fudre, manual bottling, no filtration, only first juice.
Anual production: 6600 Bottles
Suggested serving T°: 7-10°C

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