EnglishGonzález Bastías Natural Wine: From our land to your glass.

González Bastías Natural Wine: From our land to your glass.

Despite the alcohol content, wine has been established for many decades as a health provider, giving some benefits when consumed in moderation. What people don’t know are the health benefits of natural wine compared to conventional wine.

In any bottle of wine, you can find specific details of harvest information, nose, mouth and even alcohol degree, but what a label doesn’t mention are preservatives, chemicals or added sugars. As a result, it is difficult to say what our favorite wine glass actually contains.

The key to avoiding harmful chemical content and betting on a healthier wine consumption lies in selecting a type of wine prepared in a more natural way. It comes as an excellent choice for health-conscious wine drinkers who fear a harmful artificial additives consumption when drinking conventional supermarket wines.

Gonzalez Bastías Winery has more than four hectares of almost 200-year-old País grapes vineyards. Our wines are ungrafted root stock, vines are cultivated without irrigation and in granite origin soils. Animal grazing helps control pasture and also acts as a fertilization method. The plowing is done with horses and the pruning is done by hand looking for the longevity of the vines.

Our wines are OD, taking care that the process is natural and sustainable. The grapes are manually ground with a Zaranda de Coligüe. Fermentations are carried out in open fermenters with native yeasts. The grapes are harvested very early in the morning. No additions or corrections are made to the juice, and fermentation is stimulated by multiple strokes.

Once the fermentation is finished, the wine enters the maturation process, which is carried out in an old adobe winery, in reconditioned Chilean clay amphora and Raulí fudres.

A natural, sustainable process, we could say that we are going back to a simple and happy life, like the one that lived our ancestors.  At González Bastías Winery, the País grape is valued, and ancestral winemaking customs are revived. The result is 100% PAÍS wines, with a unique expression and honesty, and also a deep appreciation for The Maule wine heritage. We invite you to know our history and our proudly Chilean wines.